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In front of the camera: Media- and presentation training, executive presence, crisis communications

Behind the camera: Hybrid AGMs and events, live webcasts and green screen studios

Media Training Firm In SG | Supported By CliftonStrengths

Media Training

Our executive media training course & interview, coaches civil servants & political leaders to attain the skills for broadcast & online presence in Singapore.


Best TV Presentation Skills Training Courses in Singapore

Hong Bao Media provides the necessary TV presenter training courses & workshops that equip senior business leaders with presentation skills in Singapore & Malaysia.

Training in panel charisma and conference presentations

Develop your panel charisma and conference presence

You are going to present a conference keynote, TED Talk, town hall meeting, a presentation to the board, or you are taking part in a panel discussion.

Develop your presence to maximise the personal branding opportunity.

Training in crisis communications

Crisis communications

All organisations must be ready to face a crisis - whether it's the Covid-19 corona virus outbreak, a cyber attack, or a private data breach.

We put your crisis communications plan to the test, with a thorough practical scenario with your key stakeholders.

Executive coaching

CliftonStrengths executive coaching

Help your senior business leaders perform at their full potential through executive coaching.

Applying CliftonStrengths (formerly Gallup StrengthsFinder) methodology, we work with senior business leaders to help them identify their unique Talent Themes, and we tailor skills development plans to turn those talents into strengths.

Presenting like a statesman

Become a great orator

John F. Kennedy, Margaret Thatcher, Winston Churchill, Amelia Erhardt, Dr Martin Luther King - the great orators of our time all had one thing in common: they knew how to use the best language in the best way.

To overcome stage fright

Media and presentation skills for those who don’t like to present

If presenting on stage or in the media makes you seriously uncomfortable, we can help.

Training in pitching to institutional investors

Ready for the Roadshow

Brace yourself for the pitch.

Institutional investors usually receive many investment pitches every week, and ask tougher, more detailed questions than angel investors.

They know what answers they want, and they will know within a few minutes if they are interested in investing in your business.

We equipment you with the skills you need to capture their attention.

Practise for a forthcoming media interview


You’re getting ready for a media interview, and you want to practise one last time.

Or you have been trained before but are a little rusty in your media skills, and need a refresher.

Get ready for dial-a-doorstop!

Training in executive presence for students

Business presentations for future leaders

This blended learning course is designed for students at universities and colleges in Asia, to ensure they have the essential skills they need to launch their careers.

Training in presenting data effectively

Big Data Communications

Big data is worth little if you can’t derive business outcomes from it.

All too often, data is presented as an end in itself. Presentations featuring charts, graphs, or even live dashboards usually leave open the questions of “So what?" and “Now what?

That’s where our megadata communications course come in.

Live webcast team-building exercise

Get your team ready for “Lights! Camera! Action!”

Forget about wallowing in mud, climbing rope ladders or playing silly games that embarrass you and your colleagues – a TV broadcast is a much more intelligent and engaging way to engage your team at an offsite for a team building exercise.

Find out more and book your slot.

A virtual or hybrid AGM

Virtual and hybrid Annual General Meetings

We help you bring your shareholders together without expensive external vendors

Production of a LIVE webcast

Live webcast production services

Now that many people are working from home and going virtual, live webcasting has become an important tool to maintain contact with your stakeholders.

We are your TV news crew, ready to go LIVE any time to reach your customers, prospects, staff, investors, trainees or followers.

Training in producing video on-time and on-budget

Video Savvy LIVE – Express course for marketers producing video

If you are a member of a marketing team tasked with producing content marketing videos or video blogs in-house, this course helps you save a lot of headaches.

We should know. We produced such programs for corporate clients in Singapore and Malaysia for more than a decade, and have compiled all our learnings in this blended learning course.

Executive presence training for female leaders

Executive presence for female leaders

Based on our executive presence course, with added features especially for female executives

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