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Ready for the Roadshow

Training in pitching to institutional investors

Ready for the Roadshow

Brace yourself for the pitch.

Institutional investors usually receive many investment pitches every week, and ask tougher, more detailed questions than angel investors.

They know what answers they want, and they will know within a few minutes if they are interested in investing in your business.

We equipment you with the skills you need to capture their attention.


• Pique the interest of the institutional investor you are pitching to
• Be able to respond expertly to common questions institutional investors ask
• Get invited to the next pitch round
• Ensure the institutional investor speaks about your favorably to his/her investment committee

You will learn:

• How to structure your pitch
• What content your pitch must contain
• How to anticipate difficult questions
• How to recover if the institutional investor's interest wanes
• How to secure a further conversation


Most pitching guidance is targeted at start-ups, and is provided by accelerators, angel investors and VCs.

Our focus is on established businesses, and our coaching is designed for the high-pressure environment of an institutional investor pitch.

Our market-proven coaching curriculum will ensure you will be ready to pitch for multi-million dollar mandates.


This course is co-presented by Robert W. van Zwieten. He is a former CFO of the Singapore Exchange (SGX), former head of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) private investment division, and former President of the Emerging Markets Private Equity Association (EMPEA).

As an added bonus, you will record an elevator pitch on video which you can publish to your own LinkedIn feed or YouTube channel.

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