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Practise for a forthcoming media interview


You’re getting ready for a media interview, and you want to practise one last time.

Or you have been trained before but are a little rusty in your media skills, and need a refresher.

Get ready for dial-a-doorstop!

As the name suggests, we conduct a recorded on-camera door stop interview with you and review it before interviewing you again; as often as you need until you’re ready to face the cameras.

Our questions are centred around the issues of the day of the engagement. This makes it more difficult to prepare – but that’s the point! Dial-a-doorstop will ensure you are ready for anything.


• Smoother delivery of your messages
• Greater ability to deal with difficult questions
• More natural appearance on camera

You will have the opportunity to practise:

• Delivering your messages
• Putting your bridging skills to the test


Engagements in Singapore or Malaysia can be booked by the hour, either at your office or at our studio.

PLEASE NOTE: Dial-a-doorstop is FOR EXPERIENCED MEDIA PERFORMERS ONLY! If you are not experienced in media appearances, we recommend our media training course "Confidence, Not Apprehension" instead.


While you’re here, record a video blog or interview you can publish to your own LinkedIn feed or YouTube channel.

Click “Chat Now” below and select “Media training/executive presence”

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