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Become a great orator

Presenting like a statesman

Become a great orator

If you are already an expert communicator, but want to take your skills to the next level, we coach you in the skills and techniques great orators use.


• More impactful presentations 
• More persuasive townhall meetings 
• A reputation for giving memorable keynote speeches 
• Fully build on and use your communications talents

You will learn:

• The main concepts of Aristotle's treatise on Rhetoric, and their relevance to persuasion and influence today 
• Rhetorical techniques the great orators use
• The most impactful tropes, and how to apply them
• How to choose the best words
• How to apply diction and syntax in the best way possible

You will have the opportunity to practise

• Using oratory skills
• Writing and giving speeches


While you are at our studio you can record yourself presenting your speech. You can upload this to your LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or YouTube channel.

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