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Big Data Communications

Training in presenting data effectively

Big Data Communications

Big data is worth little if you can’t derive business outcomes from it.

Analysis automation, conversational analysis and augmented analytics will become essential, but these will not absolve presenters in corporate boardrooms everywhere from making the data more accessible.

Never before has so much data had to be presented to senior leadership teams, and never before have business leaders had to interpret such large amounts of data and act on it.

But all too often, data is presented as an end in itself. Presentations featuring charts, graphs, or even live dashboards usually leave open the questions of “So what?" and “Now what?

That’s where our megadata communications workshops come in.


• Greater insights 
• Less ambiguity, fewer misunderstandings 
• Reduced disconnect between those who generate the data and the senior leaders they are presenting to 
• Shorter meetings 
• More value from data

You will learn: 
• How to structure a Big Data presentation
• How to identify and present patterns and themes 
• How to deal with data points which run contrary to your conclusions 
• How to interact with your presentation materials and dashboards 
• How to bring the data to life 


This course focuses specifically on the unique challenges of communicating data. Leveraging your existing Tableau or Qlik live dashboards or presentation materials, you can immediately apply key learnings to your own work environment.


While you’re here, record a video blog or interview you can publish to your own LinkedIn feed or YouTube channel.

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