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Video Savvy LIVE – Express course for marketers producing video

Training in producing video on-time and on-budget

Video Savvy LIVE – Express course for marketers producing video

If you are a member of a marketing team tasked with producing content marketing videos or video blogs in-house, this course helps you save a lot of headaches.

We should know. We produced such programs for corporate clients in Singapore and Malaysia for more than a decade, and have compiled all our learnings in this blended learning course.

Chances are, you might have already had some bad experiences, which resulted in the production overrunning in cost or time, or you just don’t know where to start.

Whether you are engaging an external video production company or producing the video in-house, learn from the experience of other marketers in Southeast Asia.


Take the online course in the HBM Academy, optionally continue with a hands-on workshop in our studio.

Watch our 6-part, 30-minute video series, and complete a short quiz at the end of each episode. They’re fun, relevant, and self-contained, so they're immediately actionable in your video production.

Want to take it further? Join us in our TV studio in Singapore for a day of hands-on learning with your team.

Jointly conducted by Neal Moore (formerly Click2View) and Mark Laudi, you are on the fast-track to producing valuable video content frequently, and without fuss.

We cover:

• Visual storytelling
• Pre-production and paperwork
• Production tools and techniques for interviews and video blogs
• Post-production tools and techniques for interviews and video blogs
• Story development
• Presentation techniques
• Live webcasting tools


Work on a real production and get ready to publish the final result on your own LinkedIn Feed or YouTube channel.

Click "Academy" in the menu above, or “Chat Now” below and select “Video Savvy - Express course for marketers producing video”

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