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Coaching on life purpose for empty nesters


Your children have grown up and flown the coop – leaving you with an empty nest.
This new phase of your life can be unsettling. With your children building their own lives you might be struggling for a purpose.

You have decided you’re going to spend all the extra time you now have on your hands by going back to work, or changing jobs.

But what sort of job?


This is where a coach can support you to:

  • Rediscover the passions you had before you started a family

  • Discover new passions you never had time for

  • Decide what job or occupation might be right for you

  • Fill the gap left as your children started their own independent lives

  • Make new friends

  • Find new purpose in life 

Online Education

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Gallup®-certified Advanced CliftonStrengths® Coach Mark Laudi is a Senior Career Fellow at Nanyang Technological University, coaching professional and executive MBA students, and an empty nester himself.

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For further information:

Mark Laudi

(+65) 9017 3534

138 Robinson Road

#21-02 Oxley Tower

Singapore 068906

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