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Couple coaching, powered by CliftonStrengths®


So, you've met someone on Tinder. Or on a blind date. Or at Lunch Actually.

How can you quickly tell whether you and your new partner are compatible?

There are two ways:


  • Go on a dozen dates, spend thousands on coffee and dinners, and find out after six months that the other person has traits and quirks that really annoy you, or

  • Take the assessment at This shows you where you and your new partner have common ground and complementary personality traits, but also potential conflict zones.


For example, one of you might prefer to spend lots of quality time together, while the other prefers an active social life.

One of you might prefer to think things through deeply, while the other leaps into action.

One of you might be future focused while the other prefers to live in the moment, or even spends much time going to museums and reflecting on the past.

One of you might make detailed plans while the other prefers to go with the flow.

One of you might be trusting and gregarious, while the other is cautious and reserved.

Better to find this out at the start of your relationship, before things get serious!

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Visit now, and discover whether you are compatible.

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Gallup®-certified Advanced CliftonStrengths® Coach Mark Laudi 

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