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Promote your video and text content on top publishers' sites

Hong Bao Media produces your content, then we promote it to your target audience.

For this, we recommend Dianomi - a native advertising platform focused exclusively on business and finance content.


Reach audiences across all devices

Dianomi reaches audiences whether they are on desktop, mobile or tablet. In a YoY and QoQ comparison of the traffic across our platform, we are seeing an increase in mobile over desktop content consumption.

In Q1 of 2019, there was roughly a 50/50 split between desktop and mobile/tablet. In Q3 of 2020, we saw desktop inventory accounting for only 30% of the traffic across all of our publishers with 70% being driven by mobile/tablet.  

Premium Publishers
Largest Closed Marketplace of Business and Finance Publishers


business and financial clients

premium business and finance publishers


unique visitors globally every month


Showcase your content in a brand safe environment

A Brand-Safe Environment is the


priority for advertisers.

Dianomi is Trusted

We work with 

8 out of 10

of the world's largest asset management companies


J.P. Morgan Asset Management uses Dianomi as their exclusive native sponsored content partner as they continually deliver our KPIs and produce great results.

Hear What Dianomi’s Clients Have to Say

Dianomi’s Ad Units Reach Audiences Where They Are Most Engaged




Center Page

Below Article

Right Rail

Engage Audiences With Immersive Video Content

  • Large format ads raise brand awareness and drive traffic to your brand’s website

  • Finance and business focused whitelist of 21 video publishers

  • Video plays when 50% in-view and for 2 seconds for Cost-Per-View

  • Desktop and Mobile Innovid Certified

  • Clickable “sponsored by” call to action overlay on video 

  • VAST/VPAID Compliant  

What Are Dianomi Native Ads?

Dianomi native ads are paid ads that match the form, feel and function of a publication’s site content.

  • Less disruptive

Hard coded into each publisher partner's website. Benefits advertisers, publishers and viewers.

  • Higher quality and higher engagement

User actively seeks the content/follows the click journey to consume the content. 

  • Measurable results

Marketer owns the user experience and can measure time spent, pages viewed and other metrics when the user visits their site.

  • Exclusive publisher network

Contextually relevant and brand safe. The network has exclusive curation of business- and finance-focused publications.

  • CPC pricing model, not CPM

Only pay when a user clicks - cost-per-click pricing model.

Native Ad Integration

Seamless integration of 
your brand’s ads across our financial publisher marketplace.

Opportunity to place conversion pixels to fire when a user engages with content on the landing page (filling out a form etc.), allowing the Account Management team to optimize toward your brand’s KPIs.

Dianomi Is an Approved Sales Agent for Specific Apple News Publishers

Ability to purchase Apple News inventory from a specific publisher for a brand seeking premium brand awareness and engagement.

Full Transparency with Real-Time Dashboards

Complete transparency into where your ads are running and how they are performing.

Downloadable Stats to a CSV file:


  • Viewable Impression

  • vCPM

  • CPA/CPL Goal (Cost-Per-Action/Lead)

  • Performance by publisher, by creative, and by device

  • Activity over time

  • VAST video campaigns through self-serve dashboard

Providing the Best Advertiser Solutions


say targeting the right audience is a challenge


say there is a lack of premium inventory


can’t achieve desired performance goals


say there are increasing levels of ad fraud


are concerned about ads delivering against risky content

Our premium closed financial publisher marketplace provides inherent contextual relevance to reach your target audience

We only partner with premium sites such as WSJ, Bloomberg and Reuters to deliver the best experience for both parties

Our ads runs on a CPC basis - you only pay for real clicks

We partner with DoubleVerify to prevent ad fraud

We implement strict rules for the types of content we run our ads against

Internet-Based Audiences

With Dianomi’s interest-based audiences, advertisers can reach audience segments who show a high likelihood of being in market for their products or services.

Institutional Investors

ESG Investors

+ 1st Party Data Retargetting

Professional Investors/Advisors

Financial Advice


ETF Investors




Decision Makers

+ 3rd Party Data

Income Investors



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