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Media & presentation training, powered by CliftonStrengths®

We tailor every workshop to suit the unique strengths of each individual participant. Whether you're a naturally strong presenter or not, our Gallup-certified CliftonStrengths® coach Mark Laudi brings out the best presenter in you.

Our vision is for every Asian Business Leader

to be a confident media interview guest and a world-class presenter

The world is changing dramatically, and so is the way companies communicate.
Hong Bao Media is there with you, behind and in front of the camera.


I need:

"We are your Integrated Communications partner for contemporary media and business communications."

Traditional Media Training

We prepare business leaders for any and all media interviews: Print, broadcast, online, panel discussions. In an era of unforgiving audiences, unpredictable reporters, alternative facts and fake news, you need the skills and confidence to win. We emphasise practise in our own TV studios in Singapore and Malaysia.

Select "Traditional media skills" from the dropdown menu above.

Executive Coaching

We offer CliftonStrengths® executive coaching for individuals and teams. We also apply CliftonStrengths® (formerly known as Gallup StrengthsFinder) to media skills and presentations, so everyone can be a great public speaker.

Select "Executive coaching" or "Training in presenting for those who don't like to present" from the dropdown menu above.

New Media Training

Live webcasts and podcasts bring scale to your communications.But many productions fail to generate a return on investment. We coach you in TV presenter and production skills so your webcasts, podcasts and social videos are always engaging and dynamic.

Select "Training in live webcasting" from the dropdown menu above.

Live Webcasting & Studio

Our green screen studios in Singapore's Financial District and Kuala Lumpur's City Centre have all the facilities you need for live webcasts and recordings.

Select green screen studio from the dropdown menu above.


Our green screen studios in Singapore's Financial District and Kuala Lumpur's City Centre have all the facilities you need for regular live webcasts and recordings.


“I must say, without sugar-coating this, this is really one of the best training sessions I ever had.”


Senior legal counsel

Major international bank



Since 2021, Hong Bao Media has been committed to the UN Global Compact corporate responsibility initiative and its principles in the areas of human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption

Hong Bao Media has been doing its part by using glassware and our own branded cups and minimising disposables, having a company culture of reducing paper usage by not printing documents unless necessary, and keeping our aircon temperature at 25 to 26 degrees which is helped by closing the curtains in the office to keep out the heat

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