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Comms coaching for comms teams


If you're not in the communications business you might be surprised to learn how few communications professionals actually like to be in the spotlight.

Clearly some communications professionals love to talk but the range of personalities among communication professionals is as diverse as in every other industry (read why in this blog).

What happens if you're one of them?


You will learn:

  1. Where your stage fright comes from, and how to overcome it

  2. How to build on the talents that make you an excellent communication professional

  3. Build a cohesive communications team

Practical exercises

  1. How to manage a press conference

  2. How to write a press release

  3. How to launch, manage and present a podcast or thought-leadership webcast

  4. How to create your own audio and video content in-house

  5. How to moderate a panel discussion


Participants produce a podcast or LinkedIn video they can actually publish.


Get started today



Every Participant takes the "CliftonStrengths® 34" assessment.

Find it here in the Gallup Shop.

IMPORTANT: If a Participant already has their 25/26-page "CliftonStrengths® 34" Report, do not take the assessment again. Go to step 2.



Ask each Participant to download their 25/26-page "CliftonStrengths® 34" Report from their Gallup® account - they will be prompted to create this when they first take the assessment



Each Participant submits their 25/26-page "CliftonStrengths® 34" Report to us here.



Book your 3- or 4-hour virtual or in-person coaching session - click NEXT below.

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Gallup®-certified Advanced CliftonStrengths® Coach Mark Laudi has coached communications teams at multinationals and the civil service.

Contact Us

For further information:

Mark Laudi

(+65) 9017 3534

138 Robinson Road

#21-02 Oxley Tower

Singapore 068906

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