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AI proof your career coaching


If you are worried about losing your job to AI there is only one way you can come out on top: Be the best human you can.
Rapidly advancing AI technology has already proven that its development is unstoppable. So, we humans have two choices:

Compete – Hone our talents in areas where AI is also strong, and

Differentiate – Focus on areas which people are better at than AI

Ultimately, you can compete best when you develop your talents into strengths and differentiate from AI. You can compete if you apply yourself in the best way humanly possible. In the past we should always have tried to do our very best. Now we must also be our very best. Read the full blog post here


As a result of this coaching program you will learn:

  • Exactly what your unique strengths are

  • Which of your talents will help you compete with, or differentiate from, AI

  • What additional skills and knowledge you require to be better than AI


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Gallup®-certified Advanced CliftonStrengths® Coach Mark Laudi is a Senior Career Fellow at Nanyang Technological University, coaching professional and executive MBA students.

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