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Our private video streaming network

When you need more privacy than YouTube Live, better video quality than Zoom and more comprehensive viewership data than LinkedIn Live


Hong Bao Media recommends The Streaming Company for near-broadcast quality video streaming, secure user authentication that prevents password sharing, and deep insights into your viewership.

TSC is a specialist live streaming company with its own server network and international Points of Presence, that has served large corporate clients since 2008.

It is a fully customizable, highly secure platform for professional virtual events, such as Annual General Meetings, town halls, conference broadcasts and product launches.

Event Site

The event site is fully customizable yet based on a proven design.

Registration options

Restrict viewer access as much, or as little, as your event requires. Allow open access, self-registration or pre-registration.

Sponsor features

Sponsor links can be added anywhere on the event site, with professional guidance for the best layout.


Downloadable documents

PowerPoint and PDFs can be added adjacent to the media player for download by viewers.

Key features

Security and Privacy

Keep your event and attendee data safe with password-protected events. We use 2-factor and token authentication to ensure unregistered viewers cannot log in, even with a legitimate user ID and password.

Breakout sessions

Place viewers in break-out sessions, just like in video conferences. Except they will have a stunning viewer experience.

Device Compatibility

TSC’s media player is HTML5-based and compatible with all standard devices, operating systems and browsers.

Pre-recorded content

We can stream live as well as pre-recorded content to your viewers.


With points-of-presence in Asia, Europe and the United States, we can reach even very large audiences, wherever they are.


Create an immersive experience that is fully branded and designed for your event's requirements.



Embed interactivity options natively in your event site. This includes polling, quizzes, word clouds and Q&A, with the ability to moderate questions.

Social media integration

While most of our clients greatly value the privacy of our video stream, we can stream to social media platforms simultaneously, if required.



User tracking and reporting

Viewership statistics are tracked by our event reporting module, along with all questions submitted. This allows you to see how each viewer voted in polls, and what questions they asked.

Recorded programs

Your program can be hosted on the site for up to two years after the live event. Recordings of all sessions will be transferred to you using any common file transfer site.

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