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Sustainability Communications

Make our sustainability initiatives resilient to allegations of greenwashing

Sustainability Communications

All organisations are under pressure to be sustainable. But in trying to demonstrate their green credentials many expose themselves to embarrassing allegations of greenwashing.
How can you meet your sustainability commitments, while ensuring they pass scrutiny by stakeholders such as investors, customers, NGOs and regulators?
"Greenwash-proof your Sustainability Communications" ensures your organisation's sustainability initiatives withstand any allegations of greenwashing - and helps you respond to them if they do arise.


  • Forensic review of your Sustainability Report
  • Benchmarking of your sustainability initiatives
  • Messaging guidance to avoid greenwashing
  • Coaching in communicating sustainability messages credibly
  • Production of video statement on sustainability

What you learn

  • Where vulnerabilities to allegations of greenwashing exist in your Sustainability Report, and how to address them
  • How to phrase your sustainability claims so they stand up to scrutiny
  • How to counter allegations of greenwashing in interviews and public speaking engagements, such as AGMs
  • What institutional and retail investors really think of ESG initiatives
  • How your sustainability claims stack up against commonly accepted targets

    This new course is designed for Senior Leadership Teams, Boards of Directors, and others concerned with demonstrating your green credentials.

Take The Assessment

Click here to take the short assessment of your sustainability initiatives
(you will be provided the full assessment upon signing up)

Expert Advisory

Robert W. van Zwieten combines two decades of private sector experience in global financial markets with more than a decade of mobilizing institutional private sector capital into development, and innovating development finance.

Robert is currently affiliated with PwC Southeast Asia Consulting as a part-time Managing Director, focused on sustainable finance and energy transition. He is a Fellow with the Climate Policy Initiative, and fractional COO/CFO of Before3020, Inc.

His many past leadership roles include Chief Financial Officer of the Singapore Exchange (SGX), Head of Private Sector Capital Markets at the Asian Development Bank (ADB) in Manila, Global Treasurer at GE Energy in Atlanta, Chief Administrative Officer at Lehman Brothers in New York, and President of the Global Private Capital Association (GPCA) in Washington DC.
He is passionate about advancing sustainable development through governance, infrastructure and climate investments, capital mobilization through blended finance, private capital investment in emerging and frontier markets, and humanitarian affairs.
Robert van Zwieten.JPG

About Before3020, Inc.

Before3020, Inc is a primarily women-owned and operated Delaware Public Benefit Corporation, consisting of a team of 12 doctoral-prepared change agents and a diverse advisory board, for global sustainable development, who are based in North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

We work with a diverse client base (from corporations and banks, to NGOs, development institutions, foundations, family offices, consultancy firms, and academia), on a retainer or milestone fee basis, augmented by KPI-based incentive fees, to:

  1. Align organizational strategies and operations to meet the SDGs

  2. Reduce socio-economic, environmental, and governance disparities to achieve equity, using the Social Determinants of Health framework

  3. Conduct SDG impact management, measurement, and evaluation

  4. Design and implement Just Energy Transition strategies.

We are a think & do tank, not just advising on strategy but also getting deeply involved with our clients in the implementation of our analysis and recommendations, to achieve the sustained outcomes on the ground that our clients and we aspire to. We seek to be financially aligned with our clients' long-term outcomes. Our team combines deep backgrounds in sustainability, finance, public policy, healthcare, diversity, equity & inclusion, research, organizational psychology, etc. for a holistic approach to solve for sustainability problems and challenges.


As a bonus we invite your nominated spokesperson to record a video highlighting your sustainability initiatives, in accordance with your updated messages.

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