Studio Policy

Last Updated: 31 August 2016

This "Studio Policy" explains the terms and conditions for booking the Hong Bao Media (Holdings) Pte Ltd ("Hong Bao Media", "we", "us" or "our") studios in Singapore and Malaysia. Please click "Contact Us" if you have any questions.


Please use the online booking form to check availability and to book either of our studios. Studio usage dates subject to availability.

We would be happy to receive your call or email with your enquiries, but your booking will not be confirmed until and unless you have received an email from us with a confirmation.


We welcome bookings from television stations, Conference Service Providers and professional video production companies.

If you do not fall into any of these criteria, a booking might still be possible, but please contact us before making a booking.

We reserve the right to decline your booking, even if you have completed the booking form, if you do not fall into any of these three criteria, or for any other reason.


We have limited equipment. In Singapore, our equipment is as follows:

  • One (1) 4m x 4m studio, lit by a total of four (4) ceiling-mounted lights
  • Two (2) Panasonic DVX-200 cameras and tripods (for in-studio use only)
  • Two (2) Sennheiser wireless lapel microphones
  • Two (2) Standing lights

If you need additional equipment, you are welcome to bring it in yourself.


Please bring your own SD-cards, HDDs, and other equipment you might like to use. If you think you'll be using a lot of battery power, bring extra batteries.


We offer reasonable use of our studio. This means, if you select:

  • Make-up and hairstyling: no special effects. For normal on-camera appearances only.
  • Office support: yes, you can drink water from our water cooler, print or scan something, and use our Wi-Fi ‚Ķwithin reason.

All equipment used must be returned in the state it was found. If you break it, you pay for it. Just common sense and common courtesy, really.


We have good relationships with our neighbours, and we'd like to keep it that way. So before you plan to shoot a punk rock music video in our studio, talk to us first. The same goes for nudity, violence, anything that could be remotely construed as political or religious in nature. Again, the reasonableness test applies. And of course smoking is not permitted.


We have a pool of crew you can draw on. If you require someone with specialist skills or experience, we can probably find you the right person. But of course this might impact the price.


Payment must be made on the day of usage. No exceptions. Better still, if you are booking our Singapore studio use PayPal to pay at the time of booking (there's a discount).