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Develop your panel charisma and executive presence

Training in panel charisma and conference presentations

Why is it some people command attention and respect the moment they walk in the door, while others don't?

In this course, participants discuss and identify why this is so, what presence is, how it benefits them, and how to bring it about.

Develop your presence to maximise the personal branding opportunity.


  • Greater stage presence through active management of voice, body language and content
  • More memorable delivery of key messages
  • More attentive audiences
  • Make a lasting positive impression on the audience
  • Achieve your business outcomes
Creatives Discussing Project

You will learn

  • How to attain, retain and regain audience attention
  • How to get your audience to listen, believe, act/interact/transact, and share
  • How to be sure you receive your fair share of speaking time
  • How to use the opportunity of “final comments”
  • How to network with confidence and charisma
  • How to gather thoughts under pressure
  • How to use your voice to influence and persuade
  • How to present without scripts or a teleprompter
  • How to stay on message in the face of difficult questions from the moderator or the audience
  • Microphone etiquette
  • How to overcome stage fright – techniques TV presenters use to keep cool in fast evolving, uncertain or high-pressure moments
  • How to win over your audience with what you say and how you say it​

What sets our course apart

In addition to coaching, Mark Laudi is also a frequent conference anchor and panel moderator at business events in Asia.

This means he brings first-hand experience to each workshop - from coaching participants in the fundamentals, to sharing street smart life hacks for making the most of your conference keynote or panel appearance.



You will develop a self-introduction which you can forward to panel moderators and emcees, to ensure their introduction is always on point.

You may also record a video promoting your forthcoming presentation or panel appearance, which you may choose to post to LinkedIn or YouTube.

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