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Management coaching, powered by CliftonStrengths®


"People don't leave companies – they leave supervisors."

Many managers rise through the corporate ranks because of their technical knowledge, strategic thinking, or execution ability, or simply because they have been with the company a long time.

This does not necessarily make them naturally great managers.

It is already so difficult to attract talent – are your managers at their best to retain them?



  • Address personality clashes between managers and their subordinates

  • Build cohesive and productive teams

  • Reduce staff turnover

  • Find out why some managers lose more staff than others

  • Help technically capable staff expand their skills into management


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Take the "CliftonStrengths® 34" assessment - you can buy it individually or as a bundle

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IMPORTANT: If a participant already has their 25/26-page "CliftonStrengths® 34" Report, do not take the assessment again. Go to step 2.


Purchase the "CliftonStrengths® for Managers" assessment here


Download both reports from your Gallup® account - you will be prompted to create this when you first take your assessment


Email both your 25/26-page "CliftonStrengths® 34" and "CliftonStrengths® for Managers" Reports to


Book your 1- or 2-hour virtual or in-person coaching session with Gallup®-certified Advanced CliftonStrengths® coach Mark Laudi

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Gallup®-certified Advanced CliftonStrengths® Coach Mark Laudi is a Senior Career Fellow at Nanyang Technological University, coaching professional and executive MBA students.

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Mark Laudi

(+65) 9017 3534

138 Robinson Road

#21-02 Oxley Tower

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