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Get your team ready for “Lights! Camera! Action!”

Live webcast team-building exercise

Forget about wallowing in mud, climbing rope ladders or playing silly games that embarrass you and your colleagues.

A live TV broadcast is a much more intelligent and productive way to engage your staff at an offsite for a team building exercise.

How it works

  • Your staff are now the studio crew of a live TV broadcast. First we show them how to use the equipment, to position lights and cameras, to operate the vision mixing desk, and to present on camera as anchors and guests.
  • Then we conduct two consecutive live webcasts where it all has to come together.
  • You can always see how cohesive your team really is, just by watching the final programs!
  • Offer your staff a team-building exercise with a difference! It’s fun, it’s engaging, and it’s relevant to the real world.
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We provide everything

From the TV studio and cameras, to professional guidance in using the equipment, and even presenting on camera.

Your staff learn relevant skills, as live video streaming is increasingly being used to communicate at scale to internal and external audiences.
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