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Business coaching for entrepreneurs, powered by CliftonStrengths®


You're a budding entrepreneur and want to be sure you're going to be successful.

Or you're facing headwinds in your entrepreneurial venture and you're wondering whether you're really cut out for it.

That's where a business coach can help you - to be re-energised, to get an unbiased third-party view, and to uncover hidden talents that will lead you to success.


You will learn:

  • Which of your talents will drive your entrepreneurial success

  • What blind spots may hinder your success, and how to overcome these

  • What areas you are less strong in, and how to compensate for these

  • How to build a network, even if you dislike networking

  • How to strategise, even if you are more of a doer than a thinker

  • How to executive efficiently, even if you prefer to conceptualise

  • How to get others to buy your product, or your idea, even if you struggle influencing others


Get started today



Take the "CliftonStrengths® 34" assessment.

Find it here in the Gallup Shop.

IMPORTANT: If you already have your 25/26-page "CliftonStrengths® 34" Report, do not take the assessment again. Go to step 2.



Purchase the "Builder Profile 10" (BP10) assessment.

Find it here in the Gallup store.



Download both reports from your Gallup® account - you will be prompted to create this when you first take your assessment.



Submit both your 25/26-page "CliftonStrengths® 34" and "Builder Profile 10" Reports to us.



Book your 1- or 2-hour virtual or in-person coaching session with Gallup®-certified Advanced CliftonStrengths® coach Mark Laudi.

Click NEXT below.

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Gallup®-certified Advanced CliftonStrengths® Coach Mark Laudi has launched and self-financed no fewer than five startups

Contact Us

For further information:

Mark Laudi

(+65) 9017 3534

138 Robinson Road

#21-02 Oxley Tower

Singapore 068906

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