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Practise for a forthcoming media interview

You’re getting ready for a media interview, and you want to practise one last time.
Or you have been trained before but are a little rusty in your media skills, and need a refresher.
Get ready for dial-a-doorstop!
As the name suggests, we conduct a recorded on-camera door stop interview with you and review it before interviewing you again; as often as you need until you’re ready to face the cameras.


  • Smoother delivery of your messages
  • Greater ability to deal with difficult questions
  • More natural appearance on camera
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You will learn

• Delivering your messages
• Putting your bridging skills to the test

What sets our course apart

Engagements can be booked by the hour, virtually, at your office or at our studio.

PLEASE NOTE: Dial-a-doorstop is FOR EXPERIENCED MEDIA PERFORMERS ONLY! If you are not experienced in media appearances, we recommend our media training course instead.



While you’re here, record a video blog or interview you can publish to your own LinkedIn feed or YouTube channel.

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