Prepare to weather the storm

It’s a matter of if, not when
All companies are susceptible to crises, even those which are not in traditionally risky industrial sectors. Cybersecurity threats, breaches of privacy laws and disruptions in supply chains are some of the many new risks confronting your brand and your reputation, exacerbated by the prevalence of social media.

We provide the right balance of actionable concepts and the most thorough on-camera practise.

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Our crisis planning and communications coach

In exclusive collaboration with
Mr Patrick Nathan
Former VP, Corporate Communications, SMRT

Patrick is a sought-after authority on strategic risk mitigation, and crisis and corporate communications, with a 40-year career in the public and private sector, and the armed forces in Singapore.

As Vice President, Corporate Communications, at SMRT, he guided communications through difficult operational times and a highly-dynamic period of change, which culminated in the privatization of the Singapore transport operator. His tenure at SMRT started in 2011 as Director of Security and Emergency Planning.

Prior to that, he was Deputy Director of the National Security Coordination Centre in the Prime Minister's Office (PMO) for seven years.

Patrick also has a distinguished career in the military, retiring from the Singapore Armed Forces with the rank of Colonel.

He graduated with an Honours degree in Political Science from National University of Singapore, and a Masters degree in Strategic Studies from Nanyang Technological University, where he received the OUB gold medal for academic excellence.

He has won many awards in public relations and digital marketing, including the Asia Pacific Communications Awards, the Asia-Pacific Excellence Awards in PR and Communications, and the Global Alliance Comm Prix Awards, where his work at SMRT was rated among the 10 Best PR Campaigns in the world.


Now is the time to put a risk- and crisis management plan in place, and to get ready to communicate with key stakeholders when a crisis strikes.

Crisis comms planning

Engage our experienced team of crisis communications experts to create a new plan, or audit and refine your existing plan.

Social media monitoring

We show you how to set up a social media nerve centre to track online comments about your brand in times of crisis.

Real-life scenarios

Put your Senior Leadership Team to the test with meticulously-planned, authentic crisis scenarios.

Our crisis communications workshops ensure your Senior Leadership Team is ready for anything

You hope it will never happen. But many companies underestimate the risks, and overestimate their ability to recover quickly.

There are many more risks today than ever before. Virtually every day you see headlines of companies that are caught out by crises.

Don’t find yourself in the headlines. Know what the risks are, and prepare how you will react when a crisis strikes.

Research consistently shows that companies which communicate well recover faster than those which do not.

Crises happen to even the best companies. Be a role model for how to handle one when it happens to you.

We help you to prepare to shore up consumer, investor and stakeholder confidence, to repair your reputation, and to allow your brand to survive and thrive.


Media skills & executive presence

We prepare business leaders for any and all media interviews: Print, broadcast, online, blogger, social.

In an era of unforgiving audiences, aggressive reporters, alternative facts and fake news, you need the skills and confidence to win.

Our workshops emphasise practise. If you can survive a practise interview with Mark, you can survive any media interview.

Ready for the Roadshow

In exclusive collaboration with former Singapore Exchange CFO, Mr Robert van Zwieten, we get you ready to face the analysts at your earnings briefing, retail investors at your Annual General Meeting, and fund managers on your post-earnings roadshow.
We have worked with listed companies for years to ensure smooth AGMs and successful capital raisings.

Lights, camera, webcast

Make the most of your investment in live webcasts with contemporary new media skills.
We not only provide the technical experise to webcast live, we also ensure your presenters retain audience attention and achieve their business outcomes.

自信应对一带一路国家的陌生媒体. 媒体技巧和高管风度

与国外媒体打交道的困难。您领导中国大陆一家很成功的公司,如今该公司要开拓海外市场。这是机遇也是挑战:您可能很熟悉中国的媒体,但其他国家的媒体会非常不同。咄咄逼人的记者抛出刁钻的问题,对您的回答提出质疑;采访结束,文章直接发表,不给您过目的机会。 我们为您领路,让您从容自信应对国外媒体。