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Business presentations for future leaders

Training in executive presence for students

Asia's leading universities are already of a global standard. But they recognise that academic performance must be coupled with soft skills to ensure their graduates are future-ready.

We offer a market-proven blended learning course which allows students to receive both conceptual instruction in a Gen Z-friendly format, and the rigour of practical application and feedback.

Course structure:

1. Students take the online video course in the HBM Academy and complete the quizzes. We provide vouchers so your selected students are able to access the course for free, or at a reduced rate.
2. Optionally, Students take part in practical workshops in small groups to put their learnings into practise. These can be conducted either on your campus or in our purpose-built training facilities in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.
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  • Greater ability to articulate their thoughts and ideas
  • Better feedback from employers
  • More effective brand ambassadors for your university or college

They will learn:

  • How to structure and deliver their presentation

  • How to attain, retain and regain audience attention

  • How to present at companies where they are interning

  • How to build their executive presence

  • How to overcome stage fright

  • How to do well at digital interviews

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What sets our course apart

Our workshops and MasterClasses are:


Decide which of your student cohort attends the practical workshops, how much each of them co-pays, and where to hold the workshops


Roll out the online course materials to your entire student body


Filter by source, language and date. Refine your alerStudents only commit a short amount of time for the online training, and one hour for the practical workshopst by adding or deleting keywords.

The challenges we solve for administrators at universities and colleges:

1. Not enough time - Some universities already offer presentation skills courses. But there simply are not enough hours in the day for universities to teach everything students need.
2. Students are reluctant to commit - And who can blame them. When you have sat in lectures and tutorials all week, and put in additional hours after hours for project work and study, it's no wonder they are reluctant to show up for weekend courses.
3. ​Budgets are limited - Most universities want all their students to benefit from a presentation skills course. But the cost-per-student becomes prohibitive because current in-class courses are not scalable.
4. Scale is critical - The technology is readily available and market-proven. This is why our course takes a "flipped classroom" approach.



Each student receives personalised feedback from Mark Laudi to help them improve on their career journey.

Talk to one of our consultants for how to introduce our future leaders course at your university or college.

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