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Career coaching, powered by CliftonStrengths®


  • Are you bored in your current job, or have stopped growing in it?

  • Do you feel you are in the wrong company, or even the wrong career?

  • Do you think you are overworked, or is your hard work being taken for granted?

  • Do you suffer imposter syndrome?

  • Do you think you are working in a sunset industry and wonder what other careers might be better suited to you?


Career coaching answers these and other questions and helps you:

  1. Get clarity and certainty on your career direction

  2. Tap into fresh energy reserves

  3. Restore your work-life balance

  4. Be comfortable being your authentic self at work

  5. Overcome imposter syndrome

  6. Deal effectively with office politics

  7. Work productively with a difficult boss

Online Education

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IMPORTANT: If a participant already has their 25/26-page "CliftonStrengths® 34" Report, do not take the assessment again. Go to step 2.


Download your 25/26-page "CliftonStrengths® 34" Report from your Gallup® account - you will be prompted to create this when you first take the assessment


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Gallup®-certified Advanced CliftonStrengths® Coach Mark Laudi is a Senior Career Fellow at Nanyang Technological University, coaching professional and executive MBA students.

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For further information:

Mark Laudi

(+65) 9017 3534

138 Robinson Road

#21-02 Oxley Tower

Singapore 068906

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