Media and presentation skills for those who don’t like to present

To overcome stage fright

Media and presentation skills for those who don’t like to present

We recognise not everyone looks forward to delivering a conference keynote, or to being interviewed for a written article or a television report. In fact, you might even have a phobia of it.

If presenting on stage or in the media makes you seriously uncomfortable, we can help.

Everyone has special talents, and our Gallup-certified CliftonStrengths coach Mark Laudi can help you draw on your talents to deliver a creditable presentation you can be proud of.


• Less discomfort when presenting 
• More cohesive, less nerve-wracking media interviews 
• Better presentations 
• More enjoyment from presenting – you might even start to look forward it! 

You will learn:

• How to draw on your hidden talents for public speaking and media interviews 
• How to develop your talents into strengths that help you overcome your fear of presenting


Most trainers focus on their curriculum, not the individual. They try to impart the same public speaking or interviewing skills, irrespective of your starting point. They force you to adopt skills which come easy for extroverts, even if you are an introvert.

This simply won’t work. No amount of rehearsing will help you turn a weakness in presenting into a strength.

For the first time in Asia, we make the techniques fit in with you. Even if Command, Communication, Self-Assurance and Woo feature low in your Talent Themes, we help you build your unique talents into strengths when speaking in public.


Each participant receives their own personal CliftonStrengths assessment.

While you’re here, record a video blog or interview you can publish to your own LinkedIn feed or YouTube channel.

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