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Media Training

Media Training

It's media-everywhere!

Senior business leaders know they must develop their media profile to build their personal and corporate brand, attract and retain talent, and build consumer and shareholder trust. But in an always-on, probably-live, media-everywhere environment they must be just as adept dealing with bloggers and social media activists as with traditional print and broadcast journalists.


• Greater confidence in media interviews
• Greater interest from journalists
• Greater ability to deal with difficult or irrelevant questions
• Be quoted more often
• Lower risk of being quoted out of context

You will learn:

• The pressures of a modern newsroom and how journalists work in a 24/7 news environment
• The differing needs of various media types, including social media
• Why journalists want to talk to you
• What journalists expect from you
• How to formulate and deliver key messages with clarity
• How to respond to unexpected questions or issues
• Story telling
• Agile Communications techniques
• Projecting the right image and body language (for TV)

You will have the opportunity to practice:

• Text-based interviews for print and online, and
• Broadcast interviews for TV, webcasts, radio, podcasts and social video


Our workshops and MasterClasses are:

• CUSTOMISED – Mark is a Gallup-certified CliftonStrengths coach. We invite each Participant to take the online assessment ahead of the workshop. This will allow us to tailor our workshops to each Participant individually.

• INTERACTIVE – Each participant is invited to contribute actively. All learnings are immediately practiced.

• PRACTICAL – We operate our own training facilities in the Central Business Districts of Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. These incorporate a board room for groups of up to 20 Participants, and green screen TV studios where our on-camera practice usually takes place.

Whether at our studio or a venue you arrange, participants will be video recorded to review their performances. We have in-house crew and equipment to do this. You save, because we don’t have to outsource this.

• FLEXIBLE – Owing to the seniority of our clients, we offer as much flexibility as we can, such as in the content, duration, timing and number of participants.

• MATURE YET UP-TO-DATE CURRICULUM – Our curriculum is founded on Mark Laudi's award-winning experience in presenting on television, and at business events and conferences. But he has conducted presentation skills courses for more than 13 years, so our course materials are solid and refined, while continuing to develop to stay up-to-date and relevant.

We now invite all our media training participants to take a CliftonStrengths assessment which has been a complete game-changer for our training participants. In the past you might have wondered, why do some participants perform really well in the media, while others struggle.

Why is it that some participants had a clear message, rounded out their interviews with data points and anecdotes, and didn't get trapped into answering irrelevant questions - yet their colleague sitting next to them in the same workshop struggled to get a clear message out, answered every irrelevant question with embarrassing candour, and couldn't substantiate their messages.

Their CliftonStrengths report not only reveals why this is the case, but also helps us address these issues in the most personalized, individual way possible. Rather than taking participants out of their comfort zones and forcing them to conform to an off-the-shelf curriculum, I communicate the dos and don'ts in a way that appeals to the participant's comfort zone.

The aim is to place the curriculum into the frame of reference of the individual. So, rather than saying "here's how I need you to present, now go do it" the message is "given the unique personality you are and the mindset you have, here's how you can present best..."

The result is much greater absorption of the course materials, removal of blockages that stop them from following best practice, and overall better media performances. So CliftonStrengths is now a standard feature of all our courses, and has been extremely well received by our customers.

All our clients are asking for this approach.


While you’re here, record a video blog or interview you can publish to your own LinkedIn feed or YouTube channel.

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