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Production of a LIVE webcast

Live webcast production services

When you have important news to announce, and you need your audience's feedback straight away, take charge with a LIVE webcast.

We are your TV news crew, ready to go LIVE any time to reach your customers, prospects, staff, investors, trainees or followers.

“Go LIVE” on your social channels to:

• Increase engagement – Your audience is able to interact with you straight away
• Save time and money – Going live costs less than many a video because your video won’t be tied up endlessly in post-production
• Convey urgency – Your message will gain significance in the minds of your viewers
• Close the deal – Take the shortest route to market and meet your business outcomes straight away

We provide all the technology, equipment and crew you need to go live regularly:

• Green screen TV studios overlooking Raffles place in Singapore, or in Kuala Lumpur – or conduct the webcast at your premises, go on-location to your chosen conference centre, or even outdoors.
• Broadcast quality cameras
• Sound, lighting
• Experienced TV camera crew
• OpenNet fibreoptic broadband connection
• Singapore server node for low-latency, suitable even for broadcast television
• Vision mixer with multiple camera and graphics input
• Live streaming software


We offer much more than a technical solution.

As your TV news crew, we offer a TV anchor to host your webcast, editorial guidance, marketing outreach, content sales payment gateway, and much more.

Go LIVE on all your social channel at once with our “1-Ingest” solution. That means viewers can see your stream on your website and on multiple social channels at once, including your YouTube channel and Facebook page.

We offer LIVE webcast packages to cover monthly, weekly or even daily webcasts.


Never gone LIVE before?

Sign up your presenters in our “TV presenter skills for live webcasts” course to overcome stage fright, build confidence and appear comfortable.

Click “Chat Now” below and select “Production support for a live webcast” or "TV presenter skills for live webcasts"