Training in presenting virtual- and hybrid events

How to present virtual- and hybrid events like a pro

How to present virtual- and hybrid events like a pro

Online meetings, virtual events and live webcasting are essential communication tools, for everything from internal communications and business pitches to media interviews and Annual General Meetings.

But many virtual events fall short. Engagement is lacking, feedback scores are low, and they fail to achieve your desired objectives.

Worse, facing both virtual- and physically present audiences simultaneously in a hybrid event represents new, unanticipated challenges.

Now more than ever, virtual- and hybrid event presenters must be engaging and dynamic – like television presenters.


• Higher audience engagement
• Greater retention of your messages and materials
• More audience questions
• Higher feedback scores
• Higher value interactions and transactions

You will learn tips and tricks TV talk show hosts use to:

• Attain, retain and regain viewer attention
• Prompt audiences to listen, believe, act and (where appropriate) share
• Prompt viewers to act, interact and transact with you
• Spark and deal effectively with audience questions
• Structure your webcast
• Hand over smoothly between presenters
• Overcome technical difficulties
• Overcome stage fright
• Start – and end – the webcast
• Demonstrate stage presence through active management of voice, body language, eye contact and content
• Make a great impression on viewers
• Achieve your desired outcomes and make the webcast a success

Workshops usually include a non-public live webcast to put your new skills into practice.


This course is taught by ex-CNBC TV presenter Mark Laudi.

While we can conduct the workshop virtually or at your office, our TV studios in Singapore and Malaysia are purpose-built training facilities with live webcasting capability.


Each participant receives a copy of their webcast or podcast which they can actually publish on their own LinkedIn feed or YouTube channel.

As an added bonus, we provide a review and feedback of your next webcast without additional charge.

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