Training in crisis communications

Crisis communications

Crisis communications

All companies are at risk of crises.

Whether it's the Covid-19 corona virus outbreak, a cyber attack, a private data breach, sabotage by drones, or disruption to product and service delivery due to climate change.

Understanding these risks and coming to grips with how to deal with them on an operational basis should be captured in a risk management plan, a crisis management plan and a crisis communications plan.

We put your crisis communications plan to the test, with a thorough practical scenario with your key stakeholders.


• Greater readiness to manage any crisis 
• Greater awareness among key stakeholders of the importance of crisis communications
• Greater ability in handling media and public communications 
• Real experience in putting your crisis communications plan into practise
• Establishment of a social media monitoring platform 
• Assessment of gaps in your risk- and crisis management plans 
• Intermediate skills in traditional media interviews 

You will learn:

• How to engage the media in a crisis 
• How to run a crisis communications press conference 
• How to respond to reporters’ questions in a doorstop interview 
• The crisis communications protocol, including who to call in a crisis 


We combine crisis communications scenario with traditional media training and doorstop interviews.

This three-in-one approach ensures participants are able to better respond during the crisis practise scenario, and take away skills they are able to apply straight away in day-to-day media communications.


We present our crisis communications workshops in exclusive collaboration with Patrick Nathan, former VP – Corporate Communications, at Singapore MRT.

Patrick is a sought-after authority on strategic risk mitigation, and crisis and corporate communications, with a 40-year career in the public and private sector, and the armed forces in Singapore.

As Vice President, Corporate Communications, at SMRT, he guided communications through difficult operational times and a highly-dynamic period of change, which culminated in the privatization of the Singapore transport operator.

Prior to that, he was Deputy Director of the National Security Coordination Centre in the Prime Minister's Office (PMO) for seven years. Patrick also has a distinguished career in the military, retiring from the Singapore Armed Forces with the rank of Colonel.

He has won many awards in public relations and digital marketing, including the Asia Pacific Communications Awards, the Asia-Pacific Excellence Awards in PR and Communications, and the Global Alliance Comm Prix Awards, where his work at SMRT was rated among the 10 Best PR Campaigns in the world.

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